Pledge of Honesty


Stickboy Coffee is committed to the highest standards of business ethics. We always treat each other with respect and dignity and hold each other to that standard.

Our Staff: We do not participate in high pressure sales but we are here to help. Our pledge is that any staff member who answers your questions is an expert through the coffee industry and their own personal experience. We do not out source our customer service nor do we use phone trees. Our staff does not receive commission; so therefore, they are focused on providing quality customer service and not selling you the most expensive products. All employees sign a confidential agreement. 

Marketing and Advertising: Our communications with our customers, and potential customers, will always be truthful and accurate. When we say something about our products and services, we must be able to substantiate it. Our marketing strategy has always been word of mouth promotion. We spend our time and money investing in building relationships of trust with our customers. 

Dependability/Shipping: All products are packaged in a proper fitting box with ample packing material. Being a “green company” you may find some recycled packing materials in your package. 

Shipping Insurance: All items are insured by Stickboy Coffee, you DO NOT pay any extra fees.

Returns: We believe in a 100% customer service guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. We we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right. That’s our promise!

Our Pledge of Privacy: We NEVER sell or trade your name. PERIOD! Personal information is not shared with anyone other than shipping companies so we can get you the coffee.

Responsibility: We believe that the future success of Stickboy Coffee is dependent on bringing sustainable practices into all elements of our operations. Stickboy Coffee is working to strengthen its current commitment to be a progressive leader. Our mission is to be one of the leading sustainable lifestyle brands through how we create our products and manage our operations. 

Made In The USA: Stickboy Coffee has installed a Made in the USA policy as a corporate value. We have made the promise to purchase as many goods as we can that are made in the USA. At Stickboy Coffee, we educate and understand Made in the USA products so we are able to share the information with others.

Mother Nature: Stickboy Coffee is aware of our obligations to deliver a more committed and concrete approach to Social Responsibility. We LOVE Mother Nature and we want to help preserve her for future generations to enjoy! Stickboy Coffee has implemented an eco-friendly program designed to progressively reduce the company’s impact on the environment. We recycle and reuse everything as we protect and preserve Mother Nature