Environmentally Friendly


Stickboy Coffee believes that the future success of our business is dependent on bringing sustainable practices into all elements of our operations. Our mission is to be one of the leading sustainable lifestyle brands through how we create our product, manage our operations and connect with our community.

Stickboy Coffee believes in safeguarding the planet, but its also essential to ensuring competitiveness for years to come. We have implemented an eco-friendly program.

Stickboy Coffee’s environmental plan includes:
• We recycle and/or reuse all cardboard

• We recycle our paper, glass and plastic waste

• The only paper supplies we purchase are made from recycled material

• Recycle packing materials

• The boxes we buy are made out of 100% recycled material and made in the USA

• Use of paper and packaging sourced from certified sustainably managed forests (FSC)

• Recyclable product packaging for our coffee

• Light conservation

• Water conservation

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