Welcome to STICKBOY COFFEE and we are so excited that you found us! 

What I love most about coffee is the magic it creates and the fact that it’s a staple in American households. Coffee is a main ingredient in the glue that holds families, friends, communities, and cultures together. I founded STICKBOY COFFEE to provide FRESHLY roasted coffee so we could be a part of that magic that coffee creates. My name is Thomas Hall, and I was given the nickname “Stickboy” when I was younger so when it came time to name the company it only made sense to name it “STICKBOY COFFEE.”


I founded STICKBOY COFFEE to be dedicated to FRESHLY roasted coffee accessible to anyone online. STICKBOY COFFEE is NEVER mass produced, and it is always FRESHLY roasted once your order has been placed.


STICKBOY COFFEE is always handcrafted and FRESHLY roasted in small batches with a European roasting style while using Arabica beans creating a new and different taste in coffee. The reason STICKBOY COFFEE has developed an unforgettable taste is because I use my homemade recipes creating a coffee you cannot find anywhere else.  


STICKBOY COFFEE trades directly with you online to ensure orders travel straight from the roaster to your doorstep providing FRESH STICKBOY COFFEE. Once we receive your order through the website, it is sent to me and I put it on my roast schedule. Your order will ship out within 24 hours of roasting. Orders can be placed 24/7 via our website from the comfort of your own home saving you time and money.

Thank You Again

STICKBOY COFFEE is a sustainable brand that believes in preserving our plant so we rely heavily on word-of-mouth promotion so we hope that you will continue to tell your family, friends, and co-workers about STICKBOY COFFEE.

Thank you for visiting the STICKBOY COFFEE website and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Thomas aka “Stickboy”