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Here are a few customer testimonials: 

"Hands down the best coffee I’ve ever had. Stickboy Coffee is so very fresh!!!" John, New York

"BEST coffee ever! I give all of you at Stickboy Coffee my highest recommendation. You are AWESOME!! Thank you!!" Bob, New Hampshire

"I got to meet Stickboy while he was in my neck of the woods competing in the Mohican. He was so nice and humble that I later ordered some Stickboy Coffee and his coffee is so good and flavorful. You have a customer for life!!" Tracy, Ohio

"Stickboy Coffee is the bomb. Love the variety you can choose from and the prices are extremely reasonable. I’ve used Stickboy Coffee for prizes in a lot of my fundraisers and people absolutely love it." Bryan, New York 

"I found myself at a meet and greet with Stickboy. I was really impressed on how he handled himself so I ordered some Stickboy Coffee. I just had my first cup of Stickboy Coffee yesterday and it was AWESOME! I tell everyone about Stickboy Coffee" Maggie, New York  

"Perfect Just perfect! Thank you Stickboy Coffee." Tom, California 

"I love the Ride Your Bike blend, that's why I ordered it this morning in addition to the awesome Summer blend!" Justin, New York 

"I have raced against Stickboy for years. He's one of the nicest people you will ever meet so I decided to give Stickboy Coffee a try. Incredible company. Top notch. Excellent product and customer service. I recommend Stickboy Coffee!" Jean, New York  

"We had a large order and Stickboy made it so easy for us. Our clients loved their gifts! Thank you Stickboy Coffee!" Kara, New Jersey 

"I love the Ride Your Bike blend, that’s why I ordered it this morning in addition to the awesome Summer blend.” Justin, New York 

"Stickboy Coffee has AMAZING flavor! It's perfect!" John, California 

"I got to meet Stickboy while running the Hat Run a few years back so I decided to give Stickboy Coffee a try. I received the box today and let's just say I was super impressed. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as I had heard, but it definitely is!" Pat, Maryland 

"Stickboy Coffee is by far the best coffee I've ever had. Giving it away to my clients was the best thing I have done is a long time. Thank you!" Kai, Arizona 

"The Winter Blend is the best coffee I have ever tasted!" Shaun, New York  

"Two days into my vacation and the House Blend is amazing! Stickboy Coffee is an awesome company to deal with and Stickboy was super helpful when buying. I would recommend Stickboy Coffee over anyone else." John, Vermont 

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the great service, amazing coffee and I love the pricing. I tell all my friends to visit your website!" Alan, Vermont 

"I can't say enough about the customer service. All of my questions were answered. I ended up buying the Orange Coffee and it's so good. I also LOVE the price! Thank you!" Nicole, New York 

"Really awesome coffee! Great company and I am happy to support them." Austin, Wyoming 

"Excellent customer service and the coffee is great. Truly impressive!" Matt, Toronto, Canada 

"Thank you Stickboy Coffee! It is a the world's best coffee and they provided great customer service. I highly recommend them to my friend and I will shopping with them again soon." Katie, Australia 

"Excellent customer service. I will order again soon. Thank you Stickboy Coffee!" Chris, Philadelphia

"Stickboy Coffee is so very GOOD! Thank you Stickboy Coffee!" Mary, Maryland

"It seems to me that Stickboy Coffee is a very well-ran operation. Thank you!" Mike, Colorado 

:"The best coffee in America! Now we just have to get Stickboy to up the production!" Mike, New York 

"I heard a roast master in Columbus, Ohio, raving about Stickboy Coffee so I ordered some the other day. It's the world's best coffee! Stickboy Coffee is so good! I tell my friends and family about it all the time. Thank you Stickboy Coffee!" Dave, Ohio 

"Best coffee ever!" Max, New York

"Hands down. Stickboy Coffee is the best coffee ever!" Jessica, Ohio

"This is the third purchase we have made with Stickboy Coffee and they are always reliable. Thank you!" Lisa, Toronto,Canada  

"Great company! Stickboy Coffee ROCKS!" Alex, Philadelphia 

"We have been buying Stickboy Coffee since 2013. We LOVE it! So fresh. So flavorful. Stickboy Coffee has a friendly staff as well. Thank you!" Kara, Maryland  

"I sent an email and I was blown away that the famous Stickboy himself answered it. I would like to say thank you very much to Stickboy for his help on my recent purchase. He was very quick to respond to his emails and helped me get my hands on his famous Kona Blend. It's the most flavorful cup of coffee I have ever had. I always let my family and friends know about Stickboy Coffee!" Gary, Massachusetts

"I am a huge fan of Stickboy Coffee and I have already told some of my buddies about your coffee!" Rich, Florida 

"I received a box of Stickboy Coffee as a gift. It is delicious and I will by buying Stickboy Coffee as a gift in the future. Stickboy Coffee is SOOO GOOOOD! Thank you Stickboy Coffee!" Shannon, New Hampshire 

"Stickboy Coffee is amazing! It's super fresh and so flavorful. We will be ordering again soon!" Dale, Arizona  

"We received our Stickboy Coffee yesterday. Stickboy Coffee is not only the most delicious coffee every, but also the best customer service! On 12/06/2016, I was browsing their website, looking for a gift for a co-worker and I had a few questions so I emailed customer service. The famous Stickboy himself quickly responded answering my questions. The coffee is so flavorful and awesome! Now excuse me, as I place another order!! Stickboy Coffee ROCKS!!" Mary, Florida

"I just tried the chocolate raspberry. It was out of this world good!!" Gary, Wyoming    

"Stickboy Coffee's iced chocolate coffee is amazing!! It's like drinking chocolate milk!!" Mike, New Hampshire.

"Your customer service is impeccable. I had done quite a bit or research before purchasing, but I still had questions and doubts. The representatives were very helpful and gave me a peach of mind. I am very happy I found your website! I have already passed your information onto some friends. Stickboy Coffee taste so good!" Ginger, Maryland 

"Congratulations on being the best coffee roaster ever! I have been a customer since 2013 and I have bought several bags of coffee for myself and my family! Every single transaction was flawless! I LOVE Stickboy Coffee!" Monica, Denver 

"Stickboy Coffee is so delicious and they help non-profit organizations raise money which is awesome. Please check them out and give Stickboy Coffee a chance! It is the World's Best Coffee!!" Sarah, NC

"Hi Tom, I can't believe how GREAT fresh coffee tastes! This is the best coffee I have ever tasted. Thank you Stickboy Coffee for helping raise money for non-profit organizations! It is the BEST coffee in the world!" Jim, New York

"The best part of Stickboy Coffee is the fact that they are so dedicated to giving back to the community. What a great mission! Give Stickboy Coffee a try today! It's the world's BEST coffee." Michelle, PA

"I'm sipping on Stickboy Cabana Blend coffee and I don't know what else to say anymore about the true honest to goodness quality and purity of this stinking coffee!!! People. I used to LOAD my coffee with creamer and sweet and low. Now, I use a dash of whole milk. That's it. I seriously appreciate the natural taste of this coffee. My relationship with coffee is forever changed because of Stickboy. And, I didn't realize it until the day I drank something different!" Jessica, New York 

"I ordered some French Vanilla and House Blend this week and it's OFF THE HOOK AWESOME!! Your coffee has so much flavor and I just LOVE the smell of it. LOVE it!! Great customer service. Great product. Fresh coffee rocks! I take that back. Stickboy Coffee rocks and it's the World's GREATEST coffee!!" Mark, California  

"Morning are better when they start with a hot cup of Stickboy Coffee!!" Matt, New York 

"I LOVE the chocolate raspberry coffee. So fresh! So flavorful! So awesome! Thank you Stickboy Coffee! I refer my friends to Stickboy Coffee all the time!!" Megan, New York 

"I stand behind Stickboy Coffee. Not only is the coffee out of this world, but the man and his vision behind the company makes me see all the good in this world." Sarah, New York 

"Why do I love Stickboy Coffee? Not only because it is delicious and always freshly roasted locally, but because I know the owner personally and I know how far he has come with the company. He loves the environment, donates purchases to charitable organizations and he is an awesome running/biking friend. He works hard to bring the best product to his consumers, and I respect that. Thank you Stickboy Coffee aka Tom hall for all your hard work!" Rich, New York 

“The French Roast is my go to coffee in the morning and I love it with a bagel. Great customer service as well! I tell all my friends about Stickboy Coffee!” Dave, New York

"Stickboy Coffee produces the WORLD'S BEST COFFEE. I tell everyone about Stickboy Coffee and thank you for helping raise money for charities!" Dan, New York

"I met Stickboy at the starting line at the Black Fly. He was so humble and so very nice that I later ordered some of his famous coffee. It's the best coffee EVER! You have a customer for life and I tell everyone about Stickboy Coffee! You have to give Stickboy Coffee a try!" Robert, Lake Placid 

"My Stickboy Coffee arrived! I absolutely LOVE it! I tell my friends about Stickboy Coffee and their mission to help non-profit organizations all the time!!" Sarah, NY 

“Hi Tom, I can’t believe how quick I get my Stickboy Coffee packages. Thank you Stickboy! I tell everyone about Stickboy Coffee and how it is the world's BEST coffee!” Amy, New York

"The Stickboy Coffee is AWESOME!! The coffee is full of flavor and the customer service is off the hook awesome! I asked a million questions before I ordered. Thank you for your patients Tom!" Mark, Vermont 

“Hi Stickboy Coffee, thanks for the great coffee! Best French Roast around!” Sharon, New York

“Dear Stickboy Coffee, after receiving Stickboy Coffee as a gift, no other coffee can compete with the taste and texture of this chocolate coffee.WORLD'S BEST COFFEE” Donna, Colorado

"Dear Tom, Opening the bag of Stickboy Coffee Chocolate Raspberry for the first time is so "heavenly" which is why I always look forward to my Stickboy Coffee!" Linda, New York

"Stickboy Coffee is just AWESOME! I tell everyone about Stickboy Coffee!" Glen, Kansas

"Tell the WORLD about Stickboy Coffee!!!" Joe, Florida 

"I LOVE Stickboy Coffee's breakfast blend! Thank you for the fast shipping!" Chris, New York

“Hi Tom, Not only did we get our package quick but we got great customer service as well. Thank you so much.” Sara, New York

"The Stickboy Coffee staff is always so helpful. The coffee is so good. It is the world's BEST coffee!" Chris, New Hampshire 

“French Roast in the French Press = Delicious. Thank you Stickboy Coffee!” Erin, New Jersey

"My blood type is coffee and you can get the best coffee in the world at Stickboy Coffee!" Mike, New York 

"The Chocolate Coffee is so GOOD and the customer service is even better. Keep up the great work! World's BEST coffee!!" Tony, New York 

"The chocolate raspberry is my favorite!!! Tom Hall sure does have an awesome product! I refer my friends and family to Stickboy Coffee all the time. Thank you so much!" Jess, New York

"That Stickboy Coffee really gets me up in the morning. WORLDS BEST COFFEE! Thanks you!" Robert, California 

"Thank you for taking care of my order and thank you for the great customer service! I tell my co-workers, friends and family members about Stickboy Coffee all the time because of your mission to make a positive impact in the world we live in." Nancy, New York 

"Stickboy Coffee offers great tasting coffee and they are a company who is socially conscious. I tell all my friends about Stickboy Coffee! Thank you Stickboy!" Sue, Massachusetts

"WORLD'S BEST COFFEE!! WORLD'S COOLEST COFFEE COMPANY!! I refer Stickboy Coffee all the time. Give Stickboy Coffee a shot today!!" Bill, pennsylvania

“Stickboy orange coffee, DELICIOUS!” Bryan, New York

"Stickboy Coffee, The first thing I can taste in almost a week and it couldn't be better! Stickboy Chocolate! Thank you!" Amy, New York

"I heart Stickboy Coffee! I'll have to try the chocolate coffee next. Thank you for the AWESOME customer service!" Sophia, New Hampshire 

"I love how socially and environmentally responsible Stickboy Coffee is! Great product. Great customer service. You really have to try Stickboy Coffee soon! It is the WORLD'S GREATEST COFFEE!" Kelly, Vermont  

"I received Stickboy Coffee as a gift and now ship it to my friends and family. The packaging is beautiful and the coffee is delicious." Nancy, New York

"We gift out Stickboy Coffee to our customers and they just LOVE the taste of fresh coffee. Thanks Tom!" Dave, New York

"I love the chocolate coffee! I actually look forward to waking up now!" Kevin, New York

“Hi Tom, It took a lot of convincing from my daughter to try Stickboy Coffee but after that first sip I knew she would never use another coffee company. Your coffee is always fresh and we always get superior customer service. I can’t wait until my next purchase.” Michelle, New York

“Stickboy Coffee is what gets me through Monday mornings. The GREATEST coffee in the world!” Pat, New York

"I like coffee but I LOVE Stickboy Coffee and their sun dried beans. Perfect. Thanks so much Tom!" Sara, New York

"Hi Tom, This is the BEST coffee I have ever tried. Always fresh and smooth." Bettie, New York

"Dear Tom, I don't know what to say besides the fact that I LOVE this coffee!!!!" Tom, Philadelphia

"Great way to jump start the weekend; delicious local coffee from Stickboy Coffee!" Matt, New York

"Best cup of coffee I've ever had!" Ed, New York

"Some of the best coffee I have ever had! Thank you Stickboy!" Bill, Florida

"This coffee is delicious! I have tried 7 different "flavors" and each one is rich, smooth and satisfying to the most discriminating coffee lover. Try it!" Bette, New York

"Hey Tom, You're Oktoberfest coffee is off the hook good!!! You did it again man." Dave, New York

"Colombian supremo...AWESOME!!" Mike, New York

"Great coffee! Great customer service and community focused. I LOVE Stickboy Coffee!!" John, Arizona 

"Awesome coffee. Thank you so much!" Julie, Vegas 

"Thanks to Tom Hall and his Stickboy Coffee, this girl is enjoying the BEST tasting Pumpkin Spice coffee to date. For those of you that know me, know how obsessed I am with Dunkin, but this Stickboy Coffee blows them out of the water. It's that good! Thanks for being the best part of my morning!!!" Christina, New York 

“Since I start drinking Stickboy Coffee I have become a coffee snob. I can’t believe how good fresh coffee truly taste. Fast shipping and great customer service. What else could you ask for?” Dave, New York

“Thank you for the great customer service and the wonderful product. I sent the coffee to my dad and he said it was the best coffee that he has ever tasted.” Nancy, New York

"Hey Stickboy Coffee your Go Skiing coffee is AWESOME!" John, Vermont

"The chocolate raspberry is epic! Thank you Stickboy Coffee!" Jen, New York

“We love Stickboy Coffee! What a wonderful product. Thank you for making the finest coffee on the planet.” Chris, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for getting my order out so quickly! I love your fresh coffee now! Thank you Stickboy Coffee!” Dan, New York

"Just brewed ‪Time to Run‬ from Stickboy Coffee and these sun dried beans are DELICIOUS!!! Day Two of ‪Stickboy Coffee Time to Run....so...delicious. ‪‎Coffee‬ makes life more tolerable!" Sarah, New York

"I'm addicted to Stickboy Coffee. 3rd cup of the day! Stickboy Coffee is the world's GREATEST coffee. Thanks Tom!" Mike, New York

"The Winter Blend is so very good and Tom's best creation to date!" Dave, New York

“Stickboy Coffee brings more meaning to my morning ritual because I’m supporting a social and environmentally responsible business! That’s tough to find these days. Thank you Stickboy Coffee!” Nicole, Massachusetts

“Stickboy Coffee is a social and environmentally responsible company with great tasting coffee. You can’t go wrong!” Sue, Vermont

“I ordered some coffee and it WAS AWESOME!!!!!! “ Tim, New York

“The smell of fresh coffee in our house is awesome. Thank you Stickboy Coffee for being socially and environmentally responsible along with providing us with fresh coffee!” Sue, New York 

“Thank you for helping promote the Flyin Ryan Foundation. By the way, your coffee rocks!” Charlie, New York 

“Thank you for your kind donation. You truly have made a positive impact within your community. I LOVE waking up to your coffee! Stickboy Coffee rocks!!” Ellen, New York

“Stickboy Coffee is the BEST!” Mary, New Jersey

“The house smells great when we grind fresh coffee in the morning. Thank you Stickboy Coffee!” Sandy, New York

“Oh yeah! I love Stickboy Coffee!!” Brian, New York

“Stickboy Coffee is awesome!! Thank you Stickboy Coffee!!” Rich, Idaho

"This coffee is the best!! You got to try it. Thank you Stickboy Coffee!!" Jim, Florida 

“Your coffee is awesome!!” Lindsay, New York 

"Mmmmmm....coffee...I've been loving the Chocolate espresso. Thank YOU!!" Rich, New York

Canada Customer Testimonials:

"I just got my Stickboy Coffee last week by UPS. I wanted to tell you that I am delighted with the service and the product. I'm a BIG fan of Stickboy Coffee now and I have already told my friends about you." John, Canada

"I felt you deserved some positive feedback..wow, that was fast...quality is superb...fresh coffee ! As you can see, we are very pleased with the service,the quality, and the price. I am bookmarking your site for future purchases. Stickboy Coffee rules!!" Phil, Canada

"I wanted to take a moment and thank the Team for the Phenomenal service and sound knowledge they provided to me while choosing my coffee. We'll be purchasing all our coffee from Stickboy Coffee and have informed our friends and family to do the same!! Thanks again!" Dan, Canada

"Fast shipping! Great customer service and Stickboy Coffee is the best coffee I have ever tasted!!" Mitch, Canada

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