Why Fresh Coffee?

“Coffee could be better and it should be better!"  Founder and Owner of Stickboy Coffee Tom (aka Stickboy) Hall.

As an ultra-endurance athlete Stickboy (aka Tom) is very health conscious. He learned that the most natural way to get caffeine was by eating coffee beans, but Tom quickly learned that the coffee you buy at the grocery stores is anything but fresh. If you are purchasing coffee from your local grocer, there’s a good chance that coffee is up to two years old. As the old saying says you are what you put in your body. Fresh products are always better! You wouldn’t buy produce that old nor would you buy baked goods that old so why buy coffee that old?

Being that Tom has always been passionate about coffee he decided to seek out friends to help him launch Stickboy Coffee providing fresh coffee to our customers. We want our company to be epic. We break the traditional business rules. We are the game changers. We are the innovators and visionaries who are pushing the boundaries of traditional roasting to provide you with fresh coffee! Our fresh coffee is our creation for the world and since we opened Stickboy Coffee it’s been a ripple effect.

Our coffee is healthy! We use all-natural flavoring, every batch of coffee is taste tested for quality assurance, our recipes require handcrafted mixing so that the flavors of our coffee's are vibrant and bursting with flavor! 

So many people believe that old coffee is what coffee is supposed to taste like when they make their purchases at the grocery store but that’s not how coffee should taste! Fresh coffee smells so much better than that and it produces a smooth, rich taste that people love! We love seeing people’s faces when they taste fresh coffee for the first time.

Stickboy Coffee also produces unique roasts that run for a limited time such as our Winter Roast and our Summer Roast. With our fresh coffee you’ll experience the smooth, rich taste that you so deserve in every (cup) of coffee you brew. After all, your coffee is about you and making you happy which fresh coffee does. You order, we roast fresh coffee, and we ship it anywhere in the country delivering fresh coffee to your door step. Does it get any better than that?