Tom's Story

My first love for coffee developed in 2002 when I truly discovered the magic it has. Shortly thereafter, I become a coffee connoisseur or what I like to say a "coffee snob." In 2008, we saw high unemployment and a full-blown global recession that soon followed. Over the next few years I saw the consumer behavior taking a shift as they were became more ethically driven, environmentally aware, and health minded. Consumers more than ever are holding companies that they do business with to higher standards. I started to dream of an ethically driven, socially and environmentally responsible company who could make a positive impact within the community in which we live.

So in 2012 I (aka Stickboy) established Stickboy Coffee with the simple dream of creating a brand that would revolutionize the way Americans think about coffee! I have such passion for freshly roasted coffee that it drove me to pursue a dream others wouldn’t dare too. However, the entrepreneurial journey is not for everyone. The highs are high and the rewards can be exciting, but the lows can break your heart. Being an ultra-endurance athlete has prepared me for this because when you are training or competing in a race you experience incredible highs and lows along the way to the finish line.

As an entrepreneur you must love what you do to such a degree that doing it is worth the sacrifice and the pain. When we have passion for something our emotions often drive our actions. This is the challenge that entrepreneurs face each and every day as we dream of building something from nothing. The companies that we day dream about become a part of us and it becomes very personal to build our company. The people that help us grow our company become a part of our extended family. The business becomes our life. This is what every entrepreneur faces and something that I am learning quickly.

Many entrepreneurs including myself have had to put their passion before their comfort. It’s extremely humbling to roll change that you have lying around just to keep your company afloat. Every day you are fighting for survival when you start building a business from the ground up. I have rolled up my sleeves and left my ego at the door. I have my fingers crossed that this works.

My goal is to inspire my customers and get them excited about Stickboy Coffee so they tell their friends, family members, co-workers about us because we know how important word-of-mouth promotion is. I want Stickboy Coffee to be a brand that customers can put their trust in. I love Stickboy Coffee and hope you will too because we do what’s right!

Let’s raise our mugs to the revolution for freshly roasted coffee!!