Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Weekend of March 7th and 8th

For Immediate Release: Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Weekend of March 7th and 8th

Mannsville, New York at the historic CCC Camp – The Winona Forest Recreation Association (WFRA) is a non-profit organization that maintains and grooms Winona Forest trails on the Tug Hill Plateau near Mannsville, N.Y. On Saturday, March 7 and Sunday, March 8, 2020, these trails were the site of the Festival of Flakes an annual fundraiser for WFRA that features the IditaFAT bike race and the SnoFatShu race offering winter enthusiasts an unparalleled opportunity to compete in a weekend of fat biking and snowshoe running.

Stickboy Coffee Race Team Recap:

March 7, 2020 – The IditaFAT

In years past, Superman has done the 25k at the IditaFAT but this year decided to take on the 50k course. The 50k was stacked with talent this year from all over the East Coast and Superman had a great race finishing in the top 10 taking 5 place overall. Congrats Superman!

Steve and Brad took on the very deep field of talent that could be found at the 25k race. This could have been one of the deepest fields in recent memory. Steve had a great race with a strong finish. He took 14th in the men’s category and 16th overall. Congrats to Steve on a great race! Brad grabbed a top 40 finish taking 33rd place in the men’s category and 37th place overall. Congrats Brad!

Being the co-race director for the entire weekend I have a lot on my plate, but I am not one to sit inside while there is a party going on outside. I race the 12k because that’s all I feel I could take both mentally and physically as co-race director. With that being said, it is my goal to one day to race that 50k. I got a top 10 finish taking 4th place in the men’s category and taking 5th place overall.

Shaun thanks a million for volunteering for the IditaFAT!

March 8, 2020 – The SnoFatShu

Mr. Lewis took on the SnoFatShu 5k snowshoe race and he had an amazing performance. The field was stacked with some fast runners but that did not stop Mr. Lewis from grabbing a top 10 finish taking 4th place overall. Congratulations to Mr. Lewis on a great race!

Steve and Brad took on the fat bike race at the SnoFatShu. Steve came out of the gate and had an amazing race. He was able to attack right from the start and kept a solid pace throughout the race. Steve went on to win the race! How awesome is that? Congrats Steve on an amazing race!

Brad staying true to his personality was having a blast. He told me before the race that he was a little tired but ready to rock the race. And rock the race he did. Brad went on to finish second behind Steve at the fat bike race. Congrats to Brad on your second place finish!! We had two Stickboy Coffee team members on the famous snow podium for the SnoFatShu bike race. That’s awesome!!

Superman and his nephew took on the team duathlon. While his nephew did the snowshoe run the race, Superman was on the bike and they won the race. This was the second year in a row that they have won the race. Congratulations to Superman!!

Beast Mode Matt and I teamed up to do the team duathlon as well. Beast Mode did the snowshoe run while I was on the bike. Beast Mode Matt had the run of his life. On the first leg of the run Beast Mode Matt just crushed it with a great time. I will be honest. I wasn’t really ready for him to cross the line, hahaha. I came out of the gate and gave everything I had. The Dog Leg Ext. trail was a blast to ride through and I kept the bike vertical. I gave it all I had finishing around 53 minutes and 42 seconds. I crossed the finish line and Beast Mode Matt took off.

Beast Mode Matt had another great split as he was only 1 minute slower than his last leg. The SnoFatShu is a difficult race for the runners as they have to stay loose and warm for about 50 minutes while their teammate bikes. We took 3rd place overall. Beast Mode Matt and I have been friends a long time so it was awesome to stand on the famous snow podium with him. Congrats to Beast Mode Matt on two of the best runs of your career!!

Congrats to my co-race director and teammate at Stickboy Coffee aka Uncle Pat. We pulled off another year of racing and this year presented some great challenges. Being race director is the hardest job in the world and the most work ever so I am glad it’s over for a bit. 

It was another great weekend for the Stickboy Coffee Race Team and we couldn’t be more proud!! Congratulations to Superman, Uncle Pat, Mr. Lewis, Brad, Steve and Beast Mode Matt on your accomplishment at the Festival of Flakes weekend!!

Keep hot! Keep cold! Enjoy fresh! Love Stickboy Coffee!

Thomas Hall the Stickboy behind Stickboy Coffee
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