Steve Winslow

Steve is on of the founding members of the Stickboy Coffee Race team and has many racing disciplines. 

Enjoy his interview!

What's your favorite blend at Stickboy Coffee: Stickboy’s Chocolate

 What do you like to do in your spare time: Outside, fire pit, beer

 Favorite TV show:  Seal Team; Seinfeld

 Favorite Movie:  Animal House

 Favorite Band:  Little Feat – check out the Waiting for Columbus Live album

Favorite Sports Team of all Time: Chicago Blackhawks

 Your favorite place to visit: The refrigerator

 Are you for or against fasting?: Against (see answer above)

Plant based or meat based: Bacon

Hot dog on a bun... sandwich or a taco?: Definitely a sandwich

Three Random Facts:

1. I need a new bike
2. My wife thinks I have too many bikes
3. Now that the Olympics are delayed a year, I have an extra 12 months to train

Explain Tom Hall (Stickboy) in one sentence: The more tired he is, the funnier he gets

What’s the craziest race Stickboy has ever done:  24 hours of anything is kind of nuts

Favorite Race Accomplishments:

Two of them (no cut-off for year, right?):

-1998: Won Southwick Beach Duathlon

-2004: Won 1st place in Balance Bar Adventure Race (co-ed division) out of ~220 teams