If you are selling something to Stickboy Coffee you must follow these guidelines
There is a $150 sales call fee to meet with Stickboy. Unfortunately, we have had some bad experiences in the past and this ensures us that you are serious.  

The fee is non-refundable. 

Payment is due upon your arrival. 

You will be guaranteed time with him. 

Please fill out the form at the bottom or e-mail us at:

Can I hire Stickboy help me with a project or offer me some advice?
Yes. Feel free to e-mail us at or fill out the contact form below. Due to the sheer volume that we receive our team cannot respond to all e-mails but your invite will be reviewed. We promise. Thank you!

How do I schedule Stickboy as a keynote speaker?
To schedule a booking please click here

Will Stickboy come to my event?
Stickboy is very busy and often booked very far in advance. As much as he would like to, he is simply unable to attend all the events that he is invited to.

Please send invitations to Please note that the Stickboy Coffee Team cannot respond to all e-mails but your invite will be reviewed. Thank you! 

Could Stickboy please record a message for a special occasion?
Stickboy is flattered by the number of requests from those who would like a message recorded for a special occasion or for a friend and family member. He would love to record messages for all of his fans, but this is simply impossible. However, Stickboy would still love to hear your news, so please do keep him updated by sending an e-mail to

To Stickboy's Fans
Stickboy receives a high volume of requests and therefore is simply unable to respond to all of his fans to help with projects or offer personal advice. He wishes all of his fans the best of luck with any endeavors and challenges. Do keep him up-to-date by sending your news to