Speaking Engagements

Stickboy is a dynamic and sought after speaker whose stories of persistence have inspired audiences. He speaks openly about his struggle with dyslexia, depression and anxiety on his quest to become an ultra-endurance athlete and the founding of Stickboy Coffee.

Stickboy speaks about how suffering is the essence of a life worth living. He also encourages you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone because Stickboy feels if you are not demanding more from yourself you are choosing a very numb existence.

Stickboy has a natural ability to lead others and inspire many people around him to make changes to better themselves. He is a graduate of SUNY Onondaga Community College with an Associate’s Degree and holds a Bachelors of Business Degree from SUNY Empire State College. He is a popular public speaker and an inspiration to people worldwide as he is an example of courage and healthy living.

Fellow athletes, marketers, managers, and inspiring entrepreneurs will discover how to turn your dreams into a reality. Stickboy has spoken at Fortune 500 companies, colleges and conventions. He also speaks at local running and/or cycling clubs. Stickboy's passion will captivate you. 

Topics in which Stickboy speaks about:

Healthy Living

the incredible highs and low that you experienced along the way to the finish line when racing

Participating in your first race to becoming an ultra-endurance athlete


The principles that have shaped the Stickboy Coffee phenomenon 

The following are some testimonials:

“I never once looked at my watch or cellphone during Tom’s presentation. I really enjoyed listening to him!” John, New York

“His passion will rub off on you.” Mike, New York

“A dynamite presentation.” Julie, New York 

“He inspired me to start running. I never thought I would say that!” Joe, New York 

“You get to witness what passion is all about when you hear Tom speak!” Matt, New York

“I’m on a quest to bike 100 miles after listening to Stickboy. He was so honest about his journey on completing his first ultra!” Andrew, New York 

“As a fellow ultra-endurance athlete I really enjoyed it when Tom shared his experiences of the incredible highs and low that you experienced along the way to the finish line. It brought back a lot of good memories.” Charlie, New York

“Had a great presentation from Tom this morning. Talk about energy!” Dave, New York

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