Our Guarantee

The Stickboy Coffee Guarantee:

At Stickboy Coffee, we are known for building long-lasting relationships with our valued customers based on providing them with the best quality products every day. Through continued delivered success every time, our customers have learned that they can put their trust in a hardworking, honest company like Stickboy Coffee. The methods of conducting business will change overtime, but the values, culture, and philosophies will stay the same. Our company guarantee is that:

•We offer coffee that is fresh. Our handcrafted gourmet coffee is roasted in small batches and we offer varieties that are vibrant with flavor! Once we receive your order we freshly roast your coffee and ship it out the next business day so that you get fresh coffee delivered to your door step. We employ a direct-to-customer delivery system to ensure that your coffee stays fresh!

•We always conduct business with the highest ethical standards. If a problem arises in our current business practices, we are quick to resolve it.

•Stickboy Coffee strives to prevent harm to the environment and we're knowledgeable in every environmental decision that we make as a company.

•We'll help to improve our local communities through our volunteer efforts and donations to charities that support the less-fortunate.

•Our hard work and delivered success every time for our customers results in the building of a long-term relationship based on trust. The loyalty of our customers is second to none!

If you have any questions about our guarantee to you as a customer, please contact us at: stickboycoffee@gmail.com or contact Tom directly at tom@stickboycoffee.com.