May Newsletter

For Immediate Release: Stickboy Coffee May Newsletter

From Stickboy Coffee - May 23, 2021 

Stickboy Coffee Releases
Our Summer Roast is now available. The Stickboy Coffee’s Summer Roast is packed with tropical fruit flavors that include caramel and vanilla using all-natural flavoring that is made in the USA while only using the finest, top grade Arabica beans from around the world. Drink it hot or drink it cold. It’s ready for your next adventure! 

The Chocolate Raspberry and the Decaf Chocolate Raspberry are both back in stock! Both releases are exclusive to our website. Be sure to get some soon! 

Mark your calendar! We are excited to announce that our Chocolate Orange will be available May 26th. 

Race Team
Savannah, New York. May 16, 2021 – The team had a great time at the Inaugural Island 25 Race in Savannah, what felt like Georgia, but was close to home in New York. This race, though seeming flat, had plenty of false flats with a few punchy climbs that really tested the legs for all to enjoy. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the course was dust dry with one stretch the length of a city block with a single mud track… so much for staying clean… but who doesn’t love a little mud? Congratulations to Justin, George, Nate, Pat and Andrea on your success!  

Stickboy Coffee in Stores
ReCre’s Bike Studio located at 138 Court Street in Watertown, N.Y. carries Stickboy Coffee including our world famous Dark Sumatra Blend. Be sure to get some soon.   

We made a fresh delivery of Stickboy Coffee to Fast Eddies Cycles last week. Fast Eddie Cycles is located at 143 George Street in Oswego, N.Y.

To Inspire: Our Feel Good Story
A Texas woman who served as a school custodian is now a much-loved teacher at the same school. Wanda Smith worked long hours as a bus monitor and then a custodian for the Brenham Elementary School in Texas, to help care for her family but she never lost sight of her dream of eventually becoming a teacher. At the age of thirty-seven, Wanda decided it was time to go back to college and make her dream a reality. In 2010, Wanda earned a bachelor's degree and became a certified teacher. She returned to Brenham Elementary to teach first grade and has inspired her students and the entire community. "When I stand in front of my classroom, I am living my dream," she told The Today Show

We hope everyone has a great week and we thank you for being a customer at Stickboy Coffee!

About Stickboy Coffee
Founded in 2012, Stickboy Coffee is a premier roaster, marketer and retailer of gourmet coffee that is online based. Stickboy Coffee is handcrafted and freshly roasted in small batches using only the finest, top grade Arabica beans from around the world to assure the optimum peak of flavor when roasting. Stickboy Coffee offers a wide range of coffee products that include freshly roasted and packaged whole beans and ground coffee. Tom Hall has been so skinny all his life that from a young age he was given the nickname “Stickboy” so it only made sense to name the company Stickboy Coffee!

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