Matt Hoxie

Matt aka Beast Mode Matt is one of the founding members of the Stickboy Coffee Race Team. Beast Mode Matt focuses on running races.

Enjoy the interview! 

What's your favorite blend at Stickboy Coffee: All of them!

 What do you do in your spare time: Spare time? What’s that?

 Favorite TV show: Bears beets battle star galactica.  If that line doesn’t mean anything to whoever is reading this, you’re shunned!!

Favorite Movie: Hhhhhhmmmmm that’s a long time to sit still and stay awake. But I did love Lone Survivor. Nothing but respect for our military men. 

Favorite Band: Old Blink 182.

Favorite Sports Team of all Time: Meh, got nothing. I used to love the bulls and cowboys, but what kid in the 90s didn’t? 

Your favorite place to visit: I can find happiness anywhere 

For or against fasting? I’m down, but when that window of eating opens I am taking it!

Plant based or meat based? I will literally eat anything 

Hot dog in a bun... sandwich or taco?! I will literally eat anything 

Three Random Facts:
1. Ask Tom about Bret Micheals 
2. Tom thinks he's the funniest persona alive
3. I only have two

Explain Tom Hall (Stickboy) in one sentence: My pal from way back in the day!

What’s the craziest race Stickboy has ever done: Who knows? Crazy bastard

Race Accomplishments: Crossing the finish line every time I’ve started a race.