Jessica is an enrolled student at SUNY Empire State College, working toward a Bachelor’s of Business, Management and Economics Degree, with a primary focus in Human Resources. She wears many hats at Stickboy Coffee and handles all things HR related. She plays co-ed Volleyball in her spare time and enjoys all things outdoors. Jessica’s goals within Stickboy are to provide our future employees with endless possibilities both in their personal and professional lives. She will strive to create a passionate HR team of professionals who will support, nurture, motivate, educate and grow our amazing Stickboy Coffee family, encourage her team to connect with all levels of management to better assist our departments and their goals and to be a main resource for everyone in the company. Jess is passionate about helping people in any way she can. The field of Human Resources is right up her alley and we’re excited to see our employees flourish and have Jess as part of the Executive team.

Jessica’s favorite Stickboy Coffees are: Costa Rican Blend, Cabana Blend, & Chocolate Raspberry
In your spare time: Spending it with family
Favorite TV show: Shark Tank
Favorite Movie: Dumb -n- Dumber
Favorite Band: Zac Brown Band
Favorite Sports Team of all Time: NY Rangers
Three Random Facts:
1. I'm an advocate for the Pitbull breed
2. My weakness is chocolate
3. I've always wanted to train for a body competition
Explain Stickboy (aka Tom) in one sentence:
Tom is an outgoing, thrill seeking, hardworking, athletic entrepreneur who simply does not take no for an answer.
What’s the craziest race Stickboy has ever done: I forgot the name of it :( !! Was it the Hardcore 24?