Stickboy Coffee presents the IditaFAT Bike Race

Winona Forest Recreation Association is a non-profit organization and the IditaFAT is one of their biggest fund raisers as your support helps them maintain grooming machinery as well as the management of the trails.

The IditaFAT truly distinguishes itself from other races, as Winona's experienced crew of volunteer groomers, many of whom are fat bikers themselves; maintain the trails multiple times a week, using a diverse arsenal of equipment such as an actual fat bike groomer!!

The IditaFAT offers distances of 12k or 25k “ish” or 36k "ish" with a Le Mans start. Winona Forest is located east of Lake Ontario and receives 250 to 300 inches of snow per season. Winona is home to some 30 miles of cross country ski, snowshoe, hiking, and mountain biking trails. The course will be on ski trail widths of 6 to 10 feet. We are working hard to add single track into the course this year. Under the best conditions the hills are ride-able but as with any event conditions are subject to change. Our course is designed so anyone can participate, regardless of your ability levels. The IditaFAT follows a well-marked course that is true to the sport of fat biking!

This is truly a Fatbike event and tires less than 3.7 will not be allowed!

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