Boilermaker 15k Recap


For Immediate Release: Boilermaker 15k Recap

From Utica, New York – July 10, 2022 - The race lived up to its reputation. The Boilermaker is a world-renowned race that is often referred to as the country's best 15K and for good reason. Seeing the elite runners’ line up at the start followed by thousands of everyday runners is a part of what makes the Boilermaker so unique. Amateur athletes can never line up against professional football, baseball, or basketball stars, but they can compete against the very best runners that the world has to offer at the Boilermaker. Another thing that makes this race so unique is the fact that the community really comes out and supports the race. The fan support is amazing and the fans truly make you feel like a rock star. Jemal Mekonnen, who I have followed for a while now, was there and he set the Men's Open Course Record at 42:38 which was exciting. At the finish line, it was the first time that my name was called out at the Boilermaker as I finished. YES!! I was super pumped for that. It made my day! Congratulations to my Stickboy Coffee teammates Rad Rich, Uncle Charlie, and Hillari on your success!!!

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