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A marathon is 26.2 miles, but my first marathon was 26.3! 

Upon crossing the finish line of my very first marathon, a wave of exhilaration and accomplishment swept over me. The grueling 26.3 miles I conquered fueled a newfound passion for running. As I savored this remarkable journey, I couldn't help but think of a fitting way to commemorate this exceptional achievement.

And so, 26.3 Coffee was born.

Just as every marathon has its own unique challenges and surprises, so does this special blend of coffee. Similar to the dependable qualities of a classic House Blend, 26.3 Coffee is carefully crafted to offer a rich and invigorating flavor profile. Its medium roast unveils a symphony of nuanced tastes that dance on your palate, making each sip a rewarding experience.

For those who share my passion for marathons and appreciate the hard-earned triumphs that come with them, 26.3 Coffee is a delicious tribute to the journey of going that extra mile – quite literally. Whether you're preparing for your next race, reminiscing about your past achievements, or simply savoring a cup of coffee, let 26.3 Coffee be your companion on this extraordinary adventure.

Enjoy before or after a run! 

Notes: 100% Arabica beans 

Roast Level: Medium 

To read about my first marathon: http://www.stickboycoffee.com/blogs/news/9217089-my-first

Available from April until November

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