The Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Hardcore 24 Hour Bike Race

The Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Hardcore 24 Hour Bike Race

The Hardcore 4 Hour Bike Race saw three Stickboy Coffee Race Team members take on the challenge. Uncle Pat and Stickboy did it solo while Justin competed in the team division with his friends.

This was Justin’s first 24 hour race and he did extremely well. He suffered from an upset stomach and went on about two hours of sleep during the race, but Justin flew through the woods and helped lead his team to a 3rd place finish putting Stickboy Coffee on the podium. Congrats to Justin!!

Uncle Pat did an amazing job competing at such a high level in the solo division. He rode pretty much through the night only stopping to eat. With that being said, Uncle Pat also got an upset stomach but he fought through it for an extremely strong finish. Congrats to Uncle Pat!!

Stickboy was suffering from an upset stomach and the warm weather slowed him down right from the start, but with his sheer drive and determination Stickboy fought through the diversity to finish in the top six. Congrats Stickboy!

We heard a lot of jokes were exchanged between the Stickboy Coffee Race Team so we are glad everyone had fun! Congratulations to the Stickboy Coffee Race Team on a very successful weekend and congratulations to everyone that competed in the HC24. Thank you so very much too all the volunteers that worked so hard to put on the HC24 this year!!

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  • Justin Frontuto

    This was an amazing race, and though it was my first 24 hour race, it definitely will not be my last. It taught me a lot about what the human body can endure. Congrats Uncle Pat and Stickboy… we made it through, Mylanta! ☺️

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