Sustainability Report Update

Dear Stickboy Coffee Family,

At Stickboy Coffee, we recognize our responsibility to our stakeholders, including our commitment to environmental sustainability, a principle ingrained in our organization since its inception. In recent weeks, we've enhanced our sustainability policy specifically concerning paper usage. We're proud to announce the adoption of Elementree Printer paper for all our shipping labels and receipts. This choice aligns with our dedication to supporting environmentally friendly practices with minimal impact. Here's how Elementree Printer Paper contributes to sustainability:

Zero Trees Cut: Crafted from sawmill waste chips, ensuring no additional trees are felled.

Renewable Energy: Manufactured using wind energy and hydropower, reducing reliance on non-renewable resources.

Conserves Water: Utilizes 47% less water than standard copy paper,
demonstrating our commitment to water conservation.

Lower Carbon Footprint: Produces 44% less CO2 emissions compared to standard copy paper, contributing to a greener planet.

50% More Paper: Maximizes efficiency, generating 50% more paper from the same amount of wood.

This update is a testament to our ongoing dedication to sustainability, and we appreciate your support as we strive to make environmentally conscious choices in every aspect of our operations.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more sustainable future.

Best regards,

Stickboy Coffee


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