My Race Report on the Ridge Run 2019

My Race Report on the Ridge Run 2019

I need to relax. I started day dreaming. What else would I do? I day dream about how I want to be just like Dean Karnazes when I grow up. I then think to myself. I wonder if Lady GaGa is going to be running this race with me. I look to my left. I look to my right. I look behind me. No Lady GaGa.

I had traveled to Wellsville, New York and I was standing at the starting line for the Ridge Run. In the twenty seven years since its inception, Ridge Run has moved from humble beginnings to an event that hosts up to 1,100 participants who select from a varied pallet of running challenges. This is the hardest course I run. But make no mistake about it; I was ready to take it on this challenge.

In years past, I have taken on the long course but I had decided to run the 10k course this year which covers moderate terrain of trails with some extremely challenging climbs and ending in a fast 1/2 mile downhill back to the starting point. It has about 2,000 feet of elevation give or take. The volunteers at the water stations dressed up in costumes. Now, that’s awesome! When volunteers dress up I have to give them high-fives as I run by. I was with the lead group until mile 3 and they started to pull away from me. The hill was so challenging to run up. I am not sure Rocky could have run up this this hill. I take that back. Rocky could run up that hill. Rocky can do anything.

I can hear our newest member to the Stickboy Coffee Race Team Uncle Charlie telling me that I was going in the wrong direction. Crap. I made a wrong turn. Hate it when that happens. Uncle Charlie and I joke about it while we run. I got to mile 5 and I started to catch some of those people that passed me at the mile 3 marker. I make my move and pass them. In the last 1/2 mile which is an extremely fast downhill, I run as fast as I can and finish strong. The ½ mile downhill was my favorite part of the course. I just loved it! After years of getting my butt kicked at this race. Getting knocked down and having to get up. I got the result I was looking for. I still cannot believe it. As it turns out, I took second place in my age group and I am super excited about that! Uncle Charlie took second place in his age group. Congratulations Uncle Charlie! It was a good day for the Stickboy Coffee Race Team!

The food is so amazing at this event. It’s just out of this world and there is always plenty of food. They even have a great dessert table. I stood at the desert table for a bit waiting for Eliud Kipchoge to magically appear. It’s sad to report that Eliud did not show up. But this year’s swag was top-notch again this year at the Ridge Run. With my entry fee, I received a custom running t-shirt, drop bag and a hat. Boo yah! Write this down. I am a really big fan of the running shirt.

I would strongly recommend this race to anyone that is looking for great swag and an even greater running challenge. Success is when you fall and get back up and when you keep pushing through. We must embrace failure and appreciate the wins along the way. I still cannot believe I took second place in my age group.

Thank you to all of my Stickboy Coffee Race Team Members for all of the support! Thank you to all of our customers at Stickboy Coffee!

Onward and upward my friends,

Thomas Hall the Stickboy behind Stickboy Coffee

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