Looking Back

Looking Back

I'm use to racing my fat bike on well groomed trails that are like white pavement which was not the case a few weeks ago.

The course was sloppy and I crashed hard at the beginning of the race which lead to an emergency room visit after the race. The doctor was really impressed I finished the race. "Your in a lot of pain" she says.

I can take failure but I will NEVER stand for giving up. I was not going to take a d.n.f. I explained. She than says, "I'm going to tell me kids about this story and hope they grow up to be like you."

I was honored and humble by that statement. The last 3 races I was on podium but maybe today was a success. I did not give up. I kept pedaling. I kept smiling. I sent encouraging words to others as I passed them.

In end, maybe today was my day?!?!

Thank you to my sponsors: Stickboy Coffee, Tryon Bike and Black Dog Suspension.


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