National Coffee Day Sale and Cancer Sucks

Not only are we running a sale BUT we are also helping raise money for Sloan Kettering who plays a special role for Stickboy Coffee as we have team members and customers treating their cancer at Sloan Kettering. For every bag of coffee that we sell $1 will be donated to Sloan Kettering. A group of Sloan Kettering supporters have chosen to make a major impact on cancer research. They have pledged to donate two dollars of funding for every dollar given thereby tripling the impact of our support.

SEPTEMBER 29TH = NATIONAL COFFEE DAY!! In celebration of this awesome day we are giving you a sale! Use discount code “COFFEE DAY” when you check out and save 25% on your order! The sale is available until September 29th. Free shipping on all orders over $30!!

Journey on my friends!

Tom (aka Stickboy) 


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