Stickboy Coffee April Newsletter/Monthly Specials

Dear Stickboy Coffee Customer,

Every Earth Day we renew our commitment to being as green as possible. Yes we are idealists; but we are also realists, who realize progress depends on greener products meeting your needs as well as the alternatives. I’m an outdoors person who loves Mother Nature, but I quickly learned that we are facing an environmental crisis. We understand that the environment does not have a voice to speak for itself, therefore it is considered first in every business decision that we make. When looking at the waste generated by Stickboy Coffee – cardboard boxes and packing material – we recycle and reuse everything we can.

As many of you know Stickboy Coffee cares deeply about Mother Nature so in celebration of Earth Day we are giving you a special! Use discount code “EARTH DAY” when you check out and save 15% on your order! This sale is available from April 20th-22nd.

Thank you again for your interest in Stickboy Coffee, and please remember you can help us keep our prices low compared to other gourmet coffee roasters by referring your friends and family to visit us at:

Tom (aka Stickboy) 

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