Starting Something that Matters

Dear Stickboy Coffee Customers,

I have always wanted to start something that matters so at Stickboy Coffee it’s our philosophy that every company has an obligation to positively impact in the world we live in. We also know that the unsung heroes are non-profits. As part of our business model, we have developed programs designed to help raise money for non-profit organizations. The best way to recommend an organization would be to email:

Cinnamon Flavored Coffee - It's like someone baked you a cinnamon bun which turned into a wonderful tasting cup of coffee. I use all-natural flavoring that's made in the USA for this coffee so get yours today!

Stickboy Coffee Celebrates the Fat Bike - Use discount code “RIDEFAT” when you check out and save 15% on our Fat Bike Fun Coffee!! The sale is available until February 24th.

Please tell your friends and family members about Stickboy Coffee. Word-of-mouth promotion is the best way to grow a business. Thank you for being a customer!


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