What Life is Really all About

What Life is Really all About

Since I have become an adult, I see so many of us slaving towards that faster car, the bigger house, so that one day they can be happy when happiness has been all around them this entire time. I have come to the conclusion that finding happiness isn’t that complicated. The next time you are at a stoplight pound the steering wheel and scream out your favorite song. Who cares what the car next to you thinks.

Life is about the perfect cast. The perfect cast is catching absolutely nothing and calling it a perfect morning because you listened to the water hit the rocks and you shared a few laughs with those that are with you. Life is about finding ourselves with a free afternoon, filling up our cars and having a map of the back roads.

It’s about going to the Great New York State Fair trying to win that stuffed bear, but you go broke trying and you can’t stop laughing about it. Go ahead; grab some fried dough at the Fair we won’t tell anyone. Life is about grabbing your bike and getting lost on purpose so you can see all the beautiful things Mother Nature has to offer. Trust me. You will LOVE what you see on the bike!

We spend our lifetime chasing materialistic things when happiness just walked by with a hat that is twice the size of his head and he wants you to teach him how to ride a bike. As humans we spend so much time wondering what happens after death when we forget to taste all these great moments that are happening right now in front of us each and every day! Nobody on their death bed says, “Man, I wish I spent more time on that Johnson account so I could have made more money.” They NEVER do.

I encourage everyone reading this to go find happiness. Happiness is all around you. Go now. Go find it. Go be with your family and friends. Everything else can wait. What are you waiting for?

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