Stickboy's Letter

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Tom Hall. I'm the Stickboy behind Stickboy Coffee. Inspired by the coffee culture in Seattle, I launched the Stickboy Coffee brand in 2012 with a mission to do things differently in the coffee industry. I handcraft and freshly roast Stickboy Coffee in small batches of limited releases using my homemade recipes creating a one-of-a-kind coffee like no one else. 

I'm focused on creating the most innovative products in the world by bringing them to market faster in real-time, in weeks, not years which is why we are years ahead of the competition as I champion the direct-to-consumer sales channels approach.  

We have cut out the middle man (distributors and salespeople). This way we avoid the long business cycle that goes with it. This enables me to purchase Arabica beans to roast a higher quality coffee while selling it to you directly. By selling directly to you I am able to sell it at a more affordable price saving you money. 

I've been designing and roasting game changing, award-winning coffee for 6 years now so I thank you for helping spread the word! 

Warmest regards,

Tom Hall aka the Stickboy behind Stickboy Coffee