Mission Statement: To Inspire.

Vision: We take an entrepreneurial approach to meeting our customers’ needs by developing innovative coffee solutions. STICKBOY COFFEE is committed to providing great customer service in a professional manner!

Our Purpose: Our purpose is to create memorable experiences through STICKBOY COFFEE for our customers and community.

Culture: At STICKBOY COFFEE, we believe in dreaming and innovating to empower the next generation.

Values: Since its inception in 2012, STICKBOY COFFEE has been governed by its core values. These values shape the culture and define the overall character of STICKBOY COFFEE. They guide how management behaves and makes decisions.

Our values are:

To be honest and accountable

Act with integrity

Care and save our planet

Empower our employees

Support and encourage innovation

Be unique

Make it better

Work together as a team

Believe in strong communication

Respect for others

Taking ownership

Having fun