Stickboy Coffee Team Conquers Rasputitsa Gravel Bike Race in Vermont


Stickboy Coffee Team Conquers Rasputitsa Gravel Bike Race in Vermont

FROM JAY, VERMONT – Thursday, April 25, 2024 - This past weekend marked the 10th anniversary of the Rasputitsa race, held at Jay Peak Resort, where the Stickboy Coffee Team showcased their grit and determination in this challenging gravel bike race.

The event took a nostalgic turn this year, reintroducing parts of the original course, including the infamous Cyberia section known for its deep mud and steep grades. Against the backdrop of Vermont's breathtaking landscapes, the race embodied the spirit of endurance and embraced the unpredictable elements of early spring. Founded in 2014 by Anthony Moccia and Heidi Myers, Rasputitsa the race represents cycling, community, and charity, making it one of the nation's premier cycling events.

Despite adverse weather conditions, the 53-mile course featured over 5,300 feet of climbing, ensuring that each rider experienced the full challenge. With a cap of 1,500 riders, the race started in five waves, maintaining a competitive yet safe environment. Notably, the event emphasizes self-sufficiency, with no outside crews or support allowed on the course, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among participants.

Adding to the event's vibrant atmosphere, race organizers arranged for a tribute band to provide an energetic musical performance, reflecting the culture of enjoyment and love for music within the cycling community.

Congratulations to the Stickboy Coffee Team for their outstanding performance and achieving personal best times on the course!

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