Stickboy Coffee at ReCre's Bike Studio


Stickboy Coffee at ReCre's Bike Studio

For Immediate Release: Stickboy Coffee can now be found at ReCre’s Bike Studio

Watertown, New York - It is our great pleasure to announce that Stickboy Coffee is now available at ReCre’s Bike Studio!

You will be able to find all of the Stickboy Coffee fan favorites from our French Roast to our famous House Blend. ReCre’s Bike Studio is the exclusive location for our Ride the Bike a coffee that is similar to a breakfast blend but with a much cooler name.

ReCre’s Bike Studio phone number is (315) 405-4582 and they are located at 138 Court Street in Watertown, New York.

Tom Hall the Stickboy behind Stickboy Coffee
Stickboy Coffee

Love Stickboy Coffee!

How it all started: I have been so skinny all my life that from a young age I was given the nickname "Stickboy" so it only made sense to name the company Stickboy Coffee! Established in 2012, our mission is to inspire!