Thomas Hall is the Stickboy behind Stickboy Coffee. He competes in everything from triathlons to cycling to running to ultra-endurance races. Follow Stickboy' Race Adventures through out the years. 

Enjoy the interview! 

Who would play you in a movie of your life: Adrian Brody. Brody kind of looks like me. Doesn’t he? Maybe? Come on, give it to me!

The one celebrity you would like to have a beer with: Viggo Mortensen. I want to be that cool when I grow up.

Favorite Movie: Blues Brothers. It’s the only reason I shop at Pier One.

Favorite TV shows: Tie. Seinfeld, Arrested Development and The Office.

Favorite Band: It’s a tie again. Dave Mathew's Band, REO Speedwagon and The Rolling Stones. Can you believe the Rolling Stones are still going?

Favorite Sports Team of all Time: The greatest franchise of all time the Detroit Red Wings.

Your favorite place to visit: Winona Forest!

Plant based or meat based: Stickboy Coffee based!

Hot dog on a bun... sandwich or a taco: Tacos are the greatest things since sliced bread!

Three Random Facts:
1. I am not related to Peter Hall the weather man
2. I am not saying that I am Batman. All that I am just saying is that nobody has ever seen me and Batman in a room together. Just saying.
3. Steel is real.

Race Accomplishments:

IditaFAT Bike Race
SnoFatShu Winter Duathlon
Hardcore 24
Boilermaker 15k
6 and 12 Hour Bike Races
Philadelphia Marathon
Out of Bounds Run
Cleveland Marathon
StoneWall Snowshoe Run
Deer Fly Tail Run
Xterra Triathlon
Ridge Run
Empire Marathon
Caz Fat Bike Race
Syracuse ½ Marathon
Green Lakes 50k Run
Keuka Triathlon and Duathlon
Hat Run 50K
Black Fly Bike Race
Mohican Bike Race