Justin Frontuto

Justin Frontuto aka Superman our fearless Team Captain and one of the founding members of the Stickboy Coffee Race Team. Superman's discipline is cycling races but you might find him running a few races throughout the year.  

Enjoy his interview! 

What's your favorite blend at Stickboy Coffee: Stickboy told me all of them

In your spare time: “I brew and drink beer, and am told tend to ride my bike a lot.”

Favorite TV show: “The Greatest American Superhero... I tried to teach the guy to fly and he lost the damn instructions!”

Favorite Movie: “I can’t pick one... Superman ( I have to right?!), Goonies, and Christine”

Favorite Band: Green Day

Favorite Sports Team of all Time: 1980 US Hockey team

Your favorite place to visit: “Maine, used to go every summer growing up and would love to retire there if COVID-19 doesn’t get me first.”

For or against fasting? “Intermittent is ok, but I gotta eat!”

Plant based or meat based? “Yes, and yes... Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica” Schrute Farms is a great place, I hope to be able to visit on Ironcross weekend.”

Hot dog in a bun... sandwich or taco?! “Who cares, they’re gross and filled with lips and, oh seriously? Taco!”

Three Random Facts:
1. Space smells like seared steak
2. Pringle’s aren’t really “potato” chips
3. Abraham Lincoln’s bodyguard left Ford’s theater to get a drink.

Explain Tom Hall (Stickboy) in one sentence: “He may be skinny, but he’s not going to fall through the crack of his ass, he can hold his own, and Superman has his back!”

What’s the craziest race Stickboy has ever done: “I don’t know about craziest race, there have been plenty, but I do know he always has pickle juice in reserve.”

Race Accomplishments:
“I’m Superman, haven’t you heard? I can fly dude!” Honestly though, I would have to say slaying the elements of Rasputitsa in 2019 and completing the 50k at IditaFat 2020... that race field was legit!”