Iced Coffee Preparation Guide


Iced coffee is delicious year round but as temperatures rise in the summer months, it’s popularity soars!!

Stickboy Coffee
Coffee Maker
Cold, filtered water
Grinder if need be
Your mug

Step 1
I grind my Stickboy Coffee beforehand. I have found that a coarse grind is ideal for iced coffee.

Step 2
Brew your hot, fresh Stickboy Coffee. I like to make it stronger than usual because you'll be diluting it with ice. The strength of the brew depends on how many ice cubes you plan to use.

Step 3
Transfer your freshly-brewed Stickboy Coffee. I personally move into a carafe. Let your Stickboy Coffee cool to room temperature (approximately one hour or so), then move into the refrigerator for a further two hours to thoroughly chill.

Step 4
Grab your cup and fill it with some chilled Stickboy Coffee and add the ice.  Feel free to add milk, simple syrup or a scoop of ice cream to your taste. 

Coffee Recommendations for Iced Coffee are:

Stickboy’s Summer Roast - This personally is my favorite with the Baklava flavoring it creates an an out of this world taste!

Chocolate Coffee - It's like drinking chocolate milk!  

Orange Coffee - This is my second favorite coffee to have iced.  

Chocolate Decaf - It tastes like chocolate milk without the caffeine. How awesome is that? 

For more of my recommendations on iced coffee please visit here.

I am thankful for every customer we have at Stickboy Coffee and hope that you have an awesome iced coffee season!! 

Thank you,