Hardcore 24 Hour Race Recap

For Immediate Release: Hardcore 24 Hour Race Recap

From Maples, New York – July 30 and 31 – A few members from the STICKBOY COFFEE team took on the Hardcore 24 Hour mountain bike race. The race lived up to its reputation and it was a blast! It was a beautiful weekend at Ontario County Park (OCP) which is situated on top of Gannett Hill at an elevation of 2,256 feet. This venue is perfect for a 24 hour race as it offers great campsites and the trails were in great shape.

Everyone on the team has to complete one lap for the team to qualify which we had accomplished around 5 pm ish on Saturday. As we waited for our teammates, we sat around the fire and shot the crap. We had a bit of a snafu at around 3:30 in the morning, but we got through it. No matter how many strategies we put in place it seemed like we had a curve ball thrown at us but we got through it as that’s 24 hour racing. As organized as you think you are, sometimes you are going to get curve balls thrown at you but we still had a lot of fun!

The team took 4th place in our category! Congratulations to Justin, Johnny, Hillari, Rob, and Tia on your success this weekend! 24 hour racing is no joke so relish in the moment.

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