Coffee Maker Preparation Guide

Stickboy Coffee
Automatic drip coffee maker
Cold, filtered water
Grinder if need be
Your mug
Cream and sugar if you need it 

Brewing Suggestions

Step 1
Grind your Stickboy Coffee. Grinding before brewing ensures the freshest coffee by releasing the flavors and aromas inside the coffee beans so they can be savored for you to enjoy!

Step 2
Making coffee is like following a recipe: the correct proportion of ingredients is vital and we suggest using 2 tablespoons of ground coffee (10 grams) for approximately 6 ounces of fresh water. For a stronger brew, add more freshly ground of your favorite Stickboy Coffee.

Step 3
Empty your Stickboy Coffee grounds into the filter. Return the basket to its position for brewing.

Step 4
Water: If the water tastes bad so will your coffee. We recommend using fresh, cold water to bring out the fresh coffee flavor. Measure out the amount of cups you are making. Pour cold water into the coffee maker reservoir.

Step 5
Start the brew cycle.

Step 6
Allow your brew cycle to finish, then immediately discard the coffee grounds. If you leave the filter in the basket after brewing is complete, the coffee will continue to drip slowly through the grounds which can turn your coffee bitter.

Step 7
Enjoy your Stickboy Coffee!!

Remember: Coffee is best if served immediately after it being freshly brewed, within 20 minutes is preferred.

Brew Only What You Plan to Drink: Freshly-roasted and freshly-brewed coffee gives off such an amazing smell for you to enjoy but it should never sit around and it should be enjoyed as soon as possible.

Clean your coffee maker on a regular basis.