Changing the World

"Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Together we can make a difference. Add more meaning to your coffee ritual by supporting a socially and environmentally responsible company that is helping to further the mission of non-profit organizations. We all want to change the world! From day one of opening Stickboy Coffee I wanted to help those in need. We want people to know that they are making a difference when they purchase Stickboy Coffee.

Our system is simple. For every bag of coffee we sell we donate $1 to a charity/non-profit organization of our choice every week! When you enjoy a great cup of Stickboy Coffee, think about the difference in the world around us that you were part of just in your purchase alone. Everyone is capable of making the world a better place and we're proud to say it can start here with us!

Stickboy Coffee's mission is larger than the bottom line. It’s our philosophy that every company has an obligation to positively impact the world we live in someway, somehow. We also know that the unsung heroes are non-profits. For us, we've made it part of our business model to develop unique programs designed to help raise money for non-profit organizations.

We'd love the opportunity to support YOUR organization each time a customer purchases a bag of Stickboy Coffee. Email today. We want to team up with your organization!