Brad Pray

Brad joined the Stickboy Coffee Race Team in 2019 shortly thereafter we started it. Brad participates in everything from triathlons, fat bike races and is a swimmer. 

Enjoy his interview!

In your spare time: Riding and family time right now, having a almost two year old is fun and very time consuming! 😅

Favorite TV show: Favorite all time is Community but I'm really enjoying The Good Place right now

Favorite Movie: Death to Smoochie

Favorite Band: Phish for the car and background music and DJ Shadow for working out

Favorite Sports Team of all Time: Bills, no question

Your favorite place to visit: Any quiet Mountain lake

For or against fasting? Against, I love eating too much

Plant based or meat based? Meat

Hot dog in a bun... sandwich or taco?! Wow, that's a good one but after careful contemplation sandwich.

Three Random Facts:
1. I have been to all but ten states
2. I lived in Salt Lake City for 5 years and cover Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming for Guardian Annuities. Got to bike, hike, ski, and golf all over those four majestic states
3. I hope this doesn't get me kicked off the team but I don't drink ANY coffee at all

Explain Tom Hall (Stickboy) in one sentence: An entrepreneur, who is dedicated to sport and community!

What’s the craziest race Stickboy has ever done: I don't know about Stickboy but the craziest I ever did was a mile open water race. It was with all college swimmers in Florida on their mid-semester training trip. With everyone being really good and fit, the beginning was very aggressive. I got my head dunked, legs pulled, and swam over a number of times (I may have returned fire a couple times too).Then, in the middle of the race a group of man-of-war floated through the pack and stung a large section of the racers! Thankfully not me!

Race Accomplishments:
-17:28 in the 1650 at the 2003 Liberty League conference champs that had me miss the podium by one spot.
-Three trips to the division 3 men's club rugby championships and was captain for third trip (once with Syracuse Chargers and twice with Middlesex Barbarians out of Boston which is now Mystic River Rugby)
-14th at Tri-Oswego 2014
-5th at Tri-Oswego and age group winner 2015
-Got to the "1000 Pound Club" at a power lifting competition with 355lb squat, 245lb bench, and 415lb deadlift in 2016.
-6th place 20:30 in 1650 and 14th place 5:48 in the 500 at 2019 NY State Masters Swim Championships