Root for the Underdog

My life was very different in 2011.
Thinking about dumpster diving.
Had to moved back in with my parents.
Who am I to think I could succeed?
But I knew it was up to me to make my own way in life.
I began searching for something more.
Something greater.
I started training to become an ultra-endurance athlete.
I came up with the idea one day while on my bike.
So I began peddling towards my future.
Towards Stickboy Coffee.
I dared to dream.
Too dream big.
You have to make sure people see the beauty and value in what we are selling.
I embraced the underdog role and will never let Stickboy Coffee be a boring brand as we never want to fit in because we were born to stand out.
Don’t be scared.
Believe in yourself.
We raise our mugs.
To those that dare to dream.
To those that work so hard to achieve those goals that others think are impossible!
Together we can change the world!
Here's to those searching for something more.
Something greater.
Here's to the next generation of those that believe that they can change the world, too!
My name is Tom Hall. 
I’m an underdog. 
And I am the Stickboy behind Stickboy Coffee

 #OptOutside #drinkstickboycoffee