What are your Q4 goals?

What are your Q4 goals?


The start of the fourth quarter is upon us and at Stickboy Coffee that means taking a step back to see how we’re measuring up on reaching our goals and setting new ones for the fourth quarter. As an ultra-endurance athlete, I have to set goals to compete at such a high level so I brought this same goal setting strategy to Stickboy Coffee.  

How does Stickboy Coffee set and tack our goals, you ask? At the start of the year, I collectively decide on our company-wide goals: This means setting reach-for-the-sky (but not “totally” impossible) benchmarks for the business and breaking down, quarter-by-quarter, exactly how we can achieve them. I actually hand write down the goals to keep me honest. I use this same strategy when it comes to training for my ultra-endurance races. 

Then, we focus on our individuals goals. Of course we are tracking our progress as a company each quarter, but we’re also setting personal milestones that we want to hit over a three month period. As an ultra-endurance athlete, I always used these three different types of goals so I brought this to Stickboy Coffee. They are as followed:

Personal Development: I write down a skill or a way of working that I want to improve upon. This quarter I want to continue to improve upon my public speaking. 

Tactical: This goal is one that can be measured, whether that’s hitting a certain number of customers or how much Stickboy Coffee wants to give away to charity. 

Wild Card: This is a goal that’ll help you and your team step up your game. Raise the bar. Accept the challenge. You just have to make sure that it’s something you can make solid progress on over a three month period. For example, instead of becoming a globally-recognized brand, think: grow your social media engagement among user in Canada. 

Now you have to build the bridge to cross the river. Meaning? After setting these goals, I break them down into manageable bite-size pieces. I write down the little things I can do that will help me reach these bigger goals. I also assign some deadlines to them if need be. I review my goals with the Stickboy Coffee team, my family and friends to keep myself accountable. The purpose of goal-setting is to figure out how everyone can make gradual, but meaningful changes that contribute to both the collective version and the future you see for yourself. It took me a long time to learn this but no goal is too lofty, too small, or too anything, really. It’s simply a way to stimulate growth and that is something we all need. Let me know what goals you're setting this quarter––for yourself or your team. If you are planning your first 5k, your first marathon or first bike race please let me know you goals as well.   

Thank you so much for being a part of the Stickboy Coffee community! Have a great week everyone! 

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