Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Weekend of October 5th and 6th

Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Weekend of October 5th and 6th

What a great weekend for the Stickboy Coffee race team!

Justin Frontuto went to the Parma Cyclocross race held in Rochester, New York a race he had never done before. For about 20 minutes before the race it rained so the course was nice and muddy at the start. On the final lap of the race, Justin saw a gap so he took it and was able to win the race!! Congratulations to Justin on winning the race!!

Uncle Pat traveled to Vermont this weekend for a bike race. It was one of the toughest races Uncle Pat has ever competed in. It took Uncle Pat about 8 hours to cover over 48 miles with instance climbs and downhills throughout the race. Uncle Pat climbed over 7,000 feet this weekend. This race was so crazy that the race director said, “Look for an old bus in the woods at about 25 miles. There is enough water and beer for one each.” The race participants were advised to bring a water filter so they can stay hydrated by filtering water from the streams. Now that’s crazy awesome. Congratulations to Uncle Pat on finishing this crazy race!

Dave and Heather Elen competed in the Riot Run 5k race at the Prison City Brewery in Auburn, New York. The weather was a little cold at the start but Heather and Dave had a great time! Dave won the stein hoisting competition were all the proceeds went to charity. Congratulations to Dave and Heather at a great race!

Congratulations to Uncle Pat, Justin, Dave and Heather on a great weekend of racing and having fun! Keep moving and stay healthy! #stickboycoffeeraceteam #stickboycoffeeathlete #trystickboycoffee #drinkstickboycoffee #stickboycoffee


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