Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Weekend of October 12th and 13th

Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Weekend of October 12th and 13th

It was a great weekend of racing for the Stickboy Coffee Race Team!

Stickboy made is long anticipated return to the running world this past weekend at the Empire Race in Syracuse, New York. The Empire race is a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation an organization that means a lot to Stickboy personally and everyone here at Stickboy Coffee.

It was a bit cold at the start of the race but it turned out to be a beautiful day to be running! Stickboy took on the 10k course and at mile one Stickboy cramped up so bad that he wanted to crawl up on the side of the road and give up, but determined to overcome the pain Stickboy kept running. As Stickboy has always said, “One step at a time.” Not only did Stickboy end up finishing the race but he took 6th place in his age group! Congratulations Stickboy on your 6th place finish!

Stickboy and Beast Mode Matt have ran this race together for the past few years so it is tradition at this point. Beast Mode Matt actually worked at his job before the race and had very little sleep the night before the race. Beast Mode Matt locked in right from the start of the race wanting to set a good peace. He stayed focused throughout the race watching his time and he felt good both mentally and physically. Beast Mode Matt crossed the finish line clocking in his best half marathon time and taking 3rd place for his age group. It is amazing that Beast Mode Matt worked his job before the race and still clocked in the best time of his life. That is truly awesome!! Congratulations to Beast Mode Matt on taking 3rd place!

Justin Frontuto raced the Finger Lakes Cyclocross at Everest Park in Auburn, New York this past weekend. We have heard that this has always been one of Justin’s favorite races. The race started with some rain and it proved to be a challenge for everyone when it came down to choosing your tire pressure. Justin took the lead on the first lap and he held position right until the last lap before being passed on an incline but Justin finished strong taking second place! Congratulations to Justin on your second place finish!

Uncle Pat traveled to Pennsylvania to take on the UnPaved bike race and he had a lot of fun! It was an amazing event from the start to finish with the venue having onsite camping. The course was extremely well marked and it had some of the best aid stations in racing. Uncle Pat has stated the swag was great and he had a strong finish. Congratulations to Uncle Pat on the awesome picture finishing the race!

Congratulations to Stickboy, Beast Mode Matt, Justin and Uncle Pat on a great weekend of racing and having fun! Keep moving and stay healthy! #stickboycoffeeraceteam #stickboycoffeeathlete #trystickboycoffee #drinkstickboycoffee #stickboycoffee

Keep hot! Keep cold! Enjoy fresh! Drink Stickboy Coffee!

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