Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Weekend of January 26th

Stickboy Coffee Race Team Report – The Weekend of January 26th

Stickboy Coffee Race Team Members Beast Mode Matt, Uncle Pat, and Justin aka Superman and I traveled to Mannsville, New York to take on the Stonewall Snowshoe 5k/10k Race at Winona Forest! Consistently one of the biggest snowshoe events in the USA, the 10,000 acres of Winona Forest is the perfect venue for a snowshoe event.

Stickboy Coffee was a sponsor of the Stone Wall and we served our famous limited release Brazilian free of charge for all Stone Wall participants. Uncle Pat built a wooden Yeti about a year ago that stands about 7 feet high and race participants were allowed to steal the bag of Stickboy Coffee that the Yeti was holding which always provides for great fun! Thank you to Uncle Pat and Beast Mode Matt for putting the Yeti’s out on the course.

The 5k course features a variety of trail types, from groomed packed trail, to single track, hills both steep and gentle. Superman, Uncle Pat and I took on the 5k race. Superman decided to step out of his norm and return to running instead of racing his bike and Superman was able to finish second place. Congratulations Superman on taking second place! The Stickboy Coffee Team is proud of you.

Uncle Pat once again showed us his determination to never give up and that’s something I have always admired about him. Uncle Pat pulled a muscle in his leg during the race but refused to give up. Uncle Pat did whatever he had too in order to finish the Stone Wall. Uncle Pat did an awesome job finishing in the top 60 taking 58th place overall. The Stickboy Coffee team is proud of you for not giving up. As Dean Karnazes says, “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”

I lost my footing and took a hard fall about a mile into the race and let me tell you that really hurt. I got up as quickly as I could and started running. There was a huge hill on the course were many had to walk up it. I stayed in the moment and walked up it as fast as I could. I even had to grab some trees to pull myself up because the hill was steep. It was awesome! Once I got back onto the Stone Wall trail I ran as fast as I could. I finished at 44 minutes and 47 seconds which is about 2 minutes faster than my time last year. I took 38th place overall. I am pretty proud of my finish!

Beast Mode Matt won the 5k race at the Stone Wall last year and that was the first time he ran on snowshoes. How awesome is that? Beast Mode Matt wanted to take on the challenge of the 10k course. The 10K course is one you will never forget, and is designed for those who are very physically fit, as it is a challenge. Named "One of the toughest trail race courses anywhere" by Park City Utah's legendary trail runner Larry Rosenkranz, the trails consistent up and down flow is "amazing, but relentless." This was only the third time Beast Mode Matt had ever run on snowshoes and had not only a great start but he had a strong finish. Beast Mode Matt finished in the top 15 taking 12th place overall. Congratulations to Beast Mode Matt! Stickboy Coffee is proud of your great finish!

The Stone Wall winter hat give-away was awesome and the post-race food was wonderful. This truly is a do not miss event. Superman and I helped start the famous snow podium while Uncle Pat constructed it and finished it. It was one of the best snow podiums ever and it really makes the Stone Wall so unique. Thank you to the countless volunteers that put in so many hours into the races!

It was another great weekend for the Stickboy Coffee Race Team and we couldn’t be more proud!! Congratulations to Justin, Uncle Pat and Beast Mode Matt on your accomplishment this weekend! 

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Keep hot! Keep cold! Enjoy fresh! Drink Stickboy Coffee!


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