Ridge Walk and Run

Ridge Walk and Run

This past weekend, I (Stickboy) traveled to Wellsville, New York, to embrace the 25k challenge once more at the Ridge Run, and it was just as exhilarating as ever. Rain, gusty winds, and a few fleeting glimpses of the sun set the tone for the day. What continually astonishes me is the unity of over 50 private landowners who generously open their properties to our running community. Despite the week's heavy rainfall leading up to the race, the trails were in impeccable condition, testament to the remarkable dedication of these landowners.

The course underwent changes this year, crafting what was, without a doubt, the most challenging course I've ever encountered in my running journey. As always, the post-race food was delectable, though the cookie stash had run dry by the time I crossed the finish line. The event's swag remains top-notch, an incredible value for the modest registration fee. Situated at the highest elevation point in the Western New York peninsula, the mountain and its surrounding township offer breathtaking views.

While I've taken on the 25k race a handful of times over the years, I'm uncertain whether I'll do it again. Nonetheless, I'll continue to participate in the event, whether in the 5k, 10k runs, or the scenic hikes they offer.


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