Inspire Others to Love Mother Nature!

Stickboy Coffee does the best we can to create little to no trash and recycle everything that we can! We give maximum attention to our product quality and aim for minimal use of natural resources including raw energy, transportation and materials used from the environment.

By using recycled paper, Stickboy Coffee has saved 304 trees from being cut down, saved unnecessary use of 120,000 gallons of water that would be needed to produce the paper and we have kept 16 pounds of pollutants out of the air that we breathe in the eight years we have been in business.

Please join us as we try to inspire others to love and protect Mother Nature for future generations to enjoy!

Love Stickboy Coffee!

How it all started: I have been so skinny all my life that from a young age I was given the nickname "Stickboy" so it only made sense to name the company Stickboy Coffee! Established in 2012, our mission is to inspire! 


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