Cowabunga Dude - Save the Turtles

Cowabunga Dude - Save the Turtles

I love turtles. Maybe it comes from my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle days?  

When I’m out biking or running in June, I encounter a lot of turtles and many of those turtles have been crushed by cars, which is so sad. I started to wonder why and did some research. 

According to the N.Y.S. DEC, our native female turtles are on the move in June seeking sandy areas to lay their eggs. Although a turtle’s shell may protect it from many predators, it does not protect against cars and trucks that crush many individual turtles each year which has led to a significant decline of turtle populations over the years.

Please be on the lookout for turtles this month. We can all do our part in changing the world for the better and let’s protect these beautiful creatures for future generations to enjoy!!

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