January Newsletter

Dear Stickboy Coffee Family Member: 

A New Year. New Goals!
Happy New Year everyone! It’s New Year’s Resolution time. If you are still debating whether to set goals, then pick up a pen and go for it. What’s stopping you? If you are wondering how to stick to your resolution, I have one simple tip: write it down. That’s right the old fashion way. Paper and pen. No technology!

Each and every year one of my goals is to have Stickboy Coffee be as environmentally friendly as possible. During our environmental friendly audit, we learned that by using recycled paper it’s estimated that we save 38 trees a year from being cut down, saved unnecessary use of 15,000 gallons of water that would be needed to produce the paper and kept about 2 pounds of pollutants out of the air that we breathe! How awesome is that?

We recycle and reuse everything we possibly can. Saving the environment is our top priority! Your package is stuffed with recyclable material. We generate as little waste as possible. We are the voice of Mother Nature and are committed to our environmental responsibilities.

Made in the USA
Another one of my goals is to continue to purchase things that are made in the USA! Our coffee bags, the stickers we place on the bags, the shipping tape that we use, our printer paper, and even our paper clips are proudly made in the USA. We understand that the coffee industry is a global industry but we also understand that we have to keep Americans employed because that is a part of our social responsibility to our country!

Word-of-mouth is a critical way for us to grow our business and we can't do that without YOU, so please tell your friends and family member’s about Stickboy Coffee.

Onward and upward,

Tom (aka Stickboy)


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