The First Ever SnoFatShu Duathlon

Yo. Yo. You're momma just called! She said it's okay to sign up! At Stickboy Coffee we are the pioneers. The rebels. The visionaries which is why we are helping put on Winona Forest's first EVER winter duathlon! Stickboy Coffee presents the SnoFatShu Duathlon which is named after the relatively unknown monster of Japanese mythology.

The race consists of a snowshoe of approximately 3km of groomed single-track, arriving back to the transition area to send the partner racer out with the fatty for 12.5 KM of fat trail heaven. Once back, the snowshoe runner will head out for the final lap. Wish to do it solo? We allow for that option as well. If entered as a team, 1 person runs, the other bikes.


Are you excited? Are you pumped up about this awesome race? Register today at: 


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