My Journey With Kids, Health & Fitness & Stickboy Coffee

Growing up, I was a driven dreamer. I've always had that "I can do anything I put my mind to" mentality. I've always envisioned success and always felt as though I could make my dreams a reality through persistence and never giving up.

Then, I became a mother for the very first time...

The moment I had held my newborn son - that priceless moment - changed my life forever and nearly faded away the day-dreamer in me. Now, I had a little being to nurture, to love, to protect, to make decisions for, to do everything for. I had to take a step back mentally.

As my son grew from precious infant to energetic toddler, and as we welcomed his little baby brother into our lives, I began craving something that was missing. The once driven dreamer I was had been stagnant too long and it was time to awaken that side of myself again. That's when Stickboy Coffee and Stickboy himself, Tom, came into the picture.

Stickboy Coffee has changed my life. It's changed my perspective of business, restored my faith in chasing dreams, its ignited my soul purpose for wanting to be part of something far bigger than myself and it's inspired me to be better for myself and be a role model for the two little guys wrapped around my ankles (and my heart).

After two baby boys within two and a half years, my body, my confidence, and my mind were all lacking a little confidence. My now inspired self set out on a fitness journey. My old self came back to me in this moment. I began telling myself I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to. And I did. In April, I was 174lbs and a size 12. Today, I'm happy to be maintaining my final weight loss goal weight of 147-150lbs. Twenty-five pounds later, I am a comfortable and realistic size 7 and feel amazing. I have energy!!! I have a sense of accomplishment. I've now made myself accountable and responsible for my success and I've inspired those around me to start their own fitness journey's.

Knowledge is power. At Stickboy Coffee, our knowledge is our story, our values, our mission and our purpose for making the world a better place. We share our knowledge with the world! In my personal life, I share knowledge on my documented fitness journey for instagram followers and facebook friends where others become inspired.

My kids, my health and Stickboy all drive me to share knowledge and inspire others. I'm proud to say I'm a mom, I'm a driven dreamer, I'm a believer, I'm ready to change the world, I want to inspire others to make their lives more meaningful, I want to promote health and fitness and I want to share knowledge for all to benefit from. In the end, what we give to the world - the world will give back to us. It's about creating that relationship and recognizing that there IS a need for change and realizing its as SIMPLE as setting a goal and just going for it.

To anyone relating to my story, just know this: everything happens for a reason. There's a reason you stumbled across this and there's a reason why I wrote this. Maybe it was to inspire you, or change your outlook. Maybe it was to ignite your inner light. Whatever the reason, I hope you choose to re-evaluate your situation and ask yourself what matters most to you right now. Change it. Make it better. Set a goal and go for it. Believe in yourself. Challenge your ability and grow.

Written by Jessica Clark 



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