Try Pumpkin Spice on Ice!! Why not?

So I went to a coffee convention a few weeks ago which is always a fun time to meet with fellow coffee lovers, and I noticed pumpkin spice was out in full force. It’s sad to say, but I got a little grumpy about the early release of fall flavors; however, owning my own business I know they’re wildly popular and for good reason: they are delicious, addictive and available for a very limited time. But I kept wondering to myself how does a pumpkin-lover, like myself, enjoy fall flavors while (at the time) it was still 80 degrees out? So I decided I would make myself a Pumpkin Spice Ice Latte when I get home.

Let me tell you - IT WAS AWESOME!! The beauty of our Pumpkin Spice Coffee is the fact that we use all-natural flavoring that is made in the USA!! Please by all means customize this recipe with your choice of sweetener or milk/creamer. Getting your pumpkin fix at home will definitely save you money and a possible few hundred calories.

• 1/3 cup cold-brewed Stickboy Coffee’s Pumpkin Spice (you could brew the coffee strong and chill it, but I like the strong, smooth flavor of cold brew coffee concentrate. Check out our easy cold brew instructions).

• 2/3 cup coconut milk. There are many kinds to choose from. I prefer the creaminess of traditional unsweetened coconut milk in a can and added a little of carton-style coconut milk to lighten it. Almond milk would also work for this. Try the canned stuff straight up if you like a richer drink – it really is delicious.

• Simple Syrup or Agave. Start with a tablespoon or two. Add more at the end to taste.

I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

Tom (aka Stickboy)





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