Make this Mother’s Day Special with Stickboy Coffee

Dear Stickboy Coffee Customer,

Reward Mom for a lifetime of devotion with some freshly roasted coffee from Stickboy Coffee. Our coffee is handcrafted and freshly roasted in small batches so Mom will be satisfied with every sip of her coffee.

Chocolate Raspberry - If your Mom has a sweet tooth she's going love this coffee. This freshly roasted coffee has the combination of rich chocolate and tangy raspberry which gives it that sweet taste that you will love cup after cup!

Chocolate Coffee - Two of the greatest things in this world just happen to be coffee and chocolate so why not combine them? Mom’s going to love the taste of freshly roasted chocolate coffee so order her some today!

Thank you again for your interest in Stickboy Coffee, and please remember you can help us keep our prices low compared to other gourmet coffee roasters by referring your friends and family members to visit us at:

Tom (aka Stickboy) 

PS, please feel free to email me directly at: or simply respond to this email with any questions!

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Mission Statement: Roast great tasting coffee; encourage a healthy lifestyle, help non-profit organizations raise money one bag of coffee at a time while being environmentally friendly!
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