We Will Miss You Mr. Hockey!

I was so sad to learn about Gordie Howe’s passing. There is no nickname more fitting for him than, “Mr. Hockey.” Howe was tough, skilled, and he consistently earned success at the highest level. I got to see him play in 1997 when he made a cameo in the International Hockey League. That was truly a blessing and honor as my grandmother went with me, who was also a fellow Red Wing and Gordie Howe fan.

His achievements were numerous and his accomplishments immeasurable. Making his NHL debut for Detroit on Oct. 16, 1946, against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Howe played 32 professional hockey seasons. More than any other man. How cool is that? He also was the oldest player to score in the NHL and made hockey a family affair when he skated with sons Mark and Marty. Again, pretty cool!

Howe was named an all-star 21 times, including 12 first-team selections on right wing, and helped the Detroit Red Wings (my beloved team) hoist the Stanley Cup four times. He won both, the NHL scoring title and MVP award six times. Howe held the NHL record for most goals scored (801) until Gretzky broke it in 1994. Howe is still No. 2 on the all-time goals list.

I felt such a connection with Howe because he was a fellow dyslexic. Reading was difficult for Howe and he was often teased by his classmates. When I was being teased by my classmates in school, I turned to Mr. Hockey as a positive role model and learned everything I could about him and his dyslexia.

We will deeply miss you. I will miss you!!


Stickboy (aka Tom)


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